About Dr Elena Kendall

A board-certified dermatologist with over three decades of experience, Dr. Elena Kendall currently provides her services at The Aubree Juliana Premier Center for Personal Enhancement. Practicing at two locations in Coral Gables, Florida, Dr. Elena Kendall utilizes the most advanced technology in the field to provide a wide range of both cosmetic and remedial dermatological services.

As a specialist in cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Elena Kendall is available to perform many popular and effective laser treatments. including micro peels, skin rejuvenation, Fraxel resurfacing, and vein and acne solutions. Additionally, she utilizes lasers in the treatment of chronic psoriasis, stretch marks, and liposuction, as well as the removal of age spots and tattoos. At The Aubree Juliana, Dr. Kendall also performs Botox injections, facial peels, OmniLux LED Photomodulation, and non-surgical face lifts.

In addition to the many cosmetic procedures offered at The Aubree Juliana, Dr. Elena Kendall possesses many years of experience treating patients who have been diagnosed with skin cancer. She provides the Mohs procedure, a method that is often referred to as chemosurgery and which offers a highly effective therapy that requires a minimal surgical margin.

Prior to beginning her career in dermatology, Dr. Elena Kendall earned her Doctor of Medicine from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, graduating in the top 5 percent of her class. In her postgraduate work, she remained with the University of Miami Hospitals for an internship in straight internal medicine and a dermatology residency before moving on to Vanderbilt University for another residency in dermatology.


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